What and who is Beams?

🎙️ Beams is the leading audio survey solution

Understanding the voice of the customer, VoC, is key. Beams VoC tool illuminates customer preferences, expectations, and satisfaction. Beams helps drive product innovation, helps sales teams win more deals, illuminates competitive dynamics, uncovers new opportunities, and more. Offering a simple web-based voice recorder that can be shared anywhere, Beams is the best way to solicit sincere feedback and personal stories from your community. With Beams, companies collect, on average 4x more responses by voice than via text or video. The Beams AI automatically aggregates millions of voice responses and turns them into unique insights, and highlights top testimonials for sharing on social media and other marketing channels. Launched in 2020, Beams is headquartered in Barcelona and in Berlin.

Where can Beams help you?

Better understand who your customers are

You think you know your customers. We promise your perspective will change once you hear your customers say what they think, want, and don’t want. People can talk more freely and naturally than writing down their thoughts. Crowdsourced voice responses provide you with an unfiltered mirror of your customers. We do not encourage you to stop using text feedback forms but highly recommend adding voice responses to your customer engagement activities.

New insights

Voice responses provide a completely new class of insights. Based on the tone of voice in each sentence, we run a sentiment analysis. From the accent and the language, you learn more about the social background. Our AI detects whether a response is male or female. As people speak more freely when recording a response, you will receive insights beyond the questions you asked. But that is not enough. Beams gives you the best of both worlds. Our AI analyzes both the spoken word and written text as we automatically transcribe speech to text in every language. And this is just the beginning.

More qualified leads

When setting up a question, you choose whether to make it mandatory or optional to leave an email address before submitting the response. Various tests have shown that it almost doesn’t make a difference in churn when providing email addresses is mandatory. Beams gives you a simple yet powerful tool to collect leads by sharing questions outside of your CRM channels ie, social media, or in ads. All leads can be accessed on the responses in your Beams dashboard.

Real testimonials

Embed more authentic testimonials on your homepage and PDPs. Listening to a real person instead of reading a quote feels more trustworthy and personal, don’t you agree? Our mission is to help you easily collect the most influential testimonials and put them on your sites. A/B test it, and you will learn that most sessions will notice and engage around voice testimonials.

Additional direct revenue

We encourage every Beams user to offer a promotion code in exchange for a voice response. In avg. 30%+ of people who recorded a response with Beams make a follow-on purchase the week after.

Getting started

Sign up

If you have not signed up yet, visit beams.fm and write your first question.

In the next step, you will see the Beams Q&A voice recorder for the first time, together with your question. Sign up for free to finish customizing your question and then share it with your friends, customers, or community to collect first voice responses.

Once you sign up, you will land on your Beams dashboard. You will find your first question already in your dashboard.

Setting up your profile

Let’s first set up your profile, shall we?

Click on the “Settings” tab in your top left corner. Customize everything on your profile, from changing the logo to brand colors. Don’t forget to save the new profile.

Invite more team members

Do you like to bring in more people from your company to collect feedback, analyze content and data, access leads, or publish testimonials? Simply click the right tab “Users” next to “Profile. Click + Invite to access a link you can copy and share with anyone who should use Beams. Ensure to your network that the link will only be valid for one week. You can repeat the same procedure and share a new link if the link has expired.

step 1/3

step 2/3


Customizing your first question

Are you ready to test your first Beams question? Click on the top right tab “Voice asks.” You will find your question there. Click on it.

If you like to customize the question together with the design before sharing it, click “edit.”

Now you can easily customize your question:

  • The first thing you can change is the “campaign name.” That is just for you to organize your questions better. People that will receive your question will not see the name.

  • If you like to replace the image on your Q&A recorder, ie, your logo with a product image, click “change” under “custom image.”

  • As a next option, you can change the color of the recorder. Many Beams users like to show a custom color connected to a product brand color.

  • You can always edit the question if you like. This will automatically be shown to all people with access to the question link.

  • When people finish a recording, Beams shows a default thank you a message. We highly encourage you to use this “Success text” section to show a custom thank you message and a promotion code that can be redeemed on their next order, i.e. “Thank you for leaving us a message. Here is your 15% coupon code for your next order: “BEAMS15”

  • Beneath the “success text” message, you can show a CTA button together with a link. If your goal is for people to make a purchase, then enter your landing page with an engaging CTA (”success link text”).

  • Every question is mandatory for people to provide their email addresses by default. You can change that by making it optional. Simply switch the toggle to the left. For example, you don't need to collect email addresses if you send a newsletter and want to include a question. In that case, we would recommend that you make it optional to provide an email address. In every other use case where you ask people outside your subscribers to answer a question, we recommend making it mandatory.

  • By default, every question makes it mandatory for people to accept the transfer of rights to you. This will give you broad rights from analyzing the data, reaching out to them via email, and publishing their response on your marketing channels. You can decide to hide the mandatory step. If you choose to go with that mandatory step, you can copy and paste your custom transfer of rights and the data privacy regulations in question.

  • Make sure to click “save” every time you make changes.

Share your question 🚀

It’s time for you to collect voice responses! Beams offers you three ways to make your question visible:

  1. Copy and paste the URL link anywhere - in emails, on social media, via messengers

  2. QR Code that opens the URL link - for outdoor media, flyers, in-store feedback, commercials

  3. A Beams Q&A widget that you can embed on any site (coming soon)

Copy and paste URL link

Open QR code for offline use

Our Beams Q&A widget

Recording a voice response

When our audience opens the question link you shared, they will access your Q&A voice recorder.

The Q&A voice recorder is a web-based responsive site optimized for stationary and mobile browsers. In avg. 70% of people who open the Q&A voice recorder leave a voice response.

People can record up to 90 seconds. The avg. recording time is around 40 seconds.

Before submitting a response, people have to complete the step where:

  • they can decide to upload a photo to their recording. This step is optional.

  • they have to leave a name. This step is mandatory.

  • they have to enter an email address. This step can be optional (see the section above under “Customizing your first question”.

  • they have to agree to the transfer of rights to you. This step can be deactivated (see the section above under “Customizing your first question”.

  • custom fields can be added (see our enterprise plan)

That’s it. Your audience will land on the success page and will see your custom thank you message together with your promotion code and the CTA to your landing page.


In avg. 30%+ people purchase in the first week after recording a response

Checking out voice responses

Now to the fun part. Go to your question on your Beams dashboard and click the tab “Voices” next to “Details” to access all voice responses. The number indicates the number of responses you have under the question.

You can listen to each response by pressing play.

Alternatively, you can read the speech-to-text transcription, which is automatically generated by Beams, always in the original language. If you like to translate the transcription, browsers like Safari allow you to right-click on the text and translate it.

Use the “search” field to search for keywords in the transcriptions quickly.

When you click on the email icon, you can access the email address of the person who responded. (only available in our business tier)

To help you remember specific responses, click the “star” icon. If you switch the star icon toggle, you will only see starred responses.

Edit responses

Let’s say you like to edit words in the transcriptions because you plan to share a testimonial, ****simply click the “…” option on a response. Click “Edit transcription”. You can change each word and then save the new version. It will take a few minutes until the new transcriptions will be visible when sharing the testimonial either via an embedded audio player or via social media.

If you like to change the name, upload a new image, and more, click the “…” option on a response. Click “edit details.” Here you can:

  • change the name

  • upload a new image

  • add additional text information ie, role of the person, and company

  • add a link that will be shown when embedding a testimonial on your site

Upload audio

You always can upload audio manually to your question. Simply press “upload” and follow the instructions. Keep in mind that uploaded audio will provide limited insights.

Share or embed voice testimonials.

Sharing and embedding selected responses as authentic voice testimonials will help you gain more trust from your community and potential customers. A large number of your future session will consume embedded voices into websites.

Beams offers a no-code solution to copy and paste embed codes into your CMS page, which loads as an iframe.

If you like to embed a voice testimonial, click “Share” on your voice response.

All responses are unpublished. To publish a voice by embedding or sharing, click the "Edit and publish now" button. Don't worry. Nothing gets auto-shared or embedded. When clicking this button, you unlock the publishing options.

You will land on this screen, allowing you to share and embed the audio content.

Edit and Transcript

On the top of the page, you will find two options to edit both the content and the transcriptions.

When you click "edit" you can change the image and the name and add a link that will be displayed on the shared and embedded content and an external id (which could be used for deeper technical integrations).

If you like to edit words from the transcriptions, click the "transcript" menu.

Embedding audio

There are two ways to embed an audio player on any site:

Small embed player

You can edit and customize the player by changing the image, color mode, border radius and show link. Plus, you can decide to send events to your Google analytics account.

In order to embed copy and paste "the copy embed code".

Large embed player

Here are two example codes that you can embed anywhere on your website:

Large audio player test

<script async src="https://embed.beams.fm/assets/js/embed.js" data-mini="false" data-profile-id="394f1a8a-9a95-4ccc-8778-fd0beaeef9a1" data-post-id="60188613-fc5d-4ade-93d9-81c6df992df1" data-border-radius="20"></script>

Small audio player

<script async src="https://embed.beams.fm/assets/js/embed.js" data-mini="true" data-profile-id="394f1a8a-9a95-4ccc-8778-fd0beaeef9a1" data-post-id="60188613-fc5d-4ade-93d9-81c6df992df1" data-border-radius="12"></script>

Embed in Wix

Read more about it here: https://docs.beams.fm/en/articles/6842300-embed-audio-into-wix-com

Embed in Shopify

The way you can embed the player into Shopify currently is this way:

Using Shopify meta fields and embed voices per product: see docs

Examples of embedded players with real brands

Check out some live examples of brands who embedded the Beams player on their site:

Chamberlain Coffee with Emma Chamberlain reviewing her product

👗 Dora Maar with voice testimonials from influencers (scroll down to “Stories Behind the Silhouettes”)

Share to social media

You can share voice testimonials as Instagram Reels or TikTok Videos. Click “share”. Select Instagram or TikTok. Download the video. Beams automatically creates a video containing the audio file, the speech-to-text transcription, and the image from the response. Open Instagram or TikTok and post the video. Tip: In Instagram or TikTok, tag the person talking in the video.

You can also share the voice testimonial to other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp.

Save audio

You can download and save the original audio file. Brands do it for several reasons, among uploading the voice to a TikTok post or because they want to use the testimonial in a commercial. There are endless options for what you can do with the content.

Share a web URL with audio content

If you like to share the voice testimonial as a link for people to play the audio on a web player, select “Copy link” and paste it anywhere.


Our mission is to help brands better understand their customers. We know the feeling is magical to listen to your customers. But you need to get a quick sense of what people are saying, who they are and how they feel. That is why we introduced an insights view on each question. If you click on “Insights,” you will find various reports in regard to your questions, from…

  • AI-summaries

  • overall sentiment

  • gender %

  • demographics

We constantly add new reports. Stay tuned.

Contact us

If you have more questions or like to reach out, please visit beams.fm and text us in our on-site chat.

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