Our embed JavaScript code supports linking between external reference (usually it is product ID) with the voice on Beams platform. How does this work:

  • Our code checks if there is a voice on the Beams platform with a provided external reference.

  • If voice with external reference is found the embed is generated and shown on the site

  • If voice is not found, nothing is shown.

Integrate Embed to your website

To embed with external reference there are two attributes that need to be provided in the script tag: data-customer-reference-id and data-profile-id.


<script async 
data-customer-reference-id="### REPLACE WITH YOUR REFERENCE ID ###"
data-profile-id="### REPLACE WITH BEAMS PROFILE ID ###"

Add the reference ID to Beams voice

To begin, login in to beams.fm dashboard.

  • Find the voice you want to edit in the Beams dashboard (https://beams.fm/dashboard/campaign)

    • Select the campaign where the voice is

    • Click Share button on the selected voice for editing

  • If the voice is not published yet the first step is to publish the voice

  • At the top select Edit tab

  • In the edit form add your “Product ID” as external reference in External ID field and save.

If everything is OK the voice should appear on your referenced web page. If you have any question reach out to the Beams team.

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